Fueling the Gamecocks the Right Way

Just as an engine won't run without fuel, a student-athlete's body can't perform properly without the right nutrition. A recent NCAA rule change allows institutions to provide more of the right kind of nutrition to properly fuel those bodies, and South Carolina is already out in front after hiring the first football-only dietitian in the [...]

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A.J. Cann & Dylan Thompson Trip to Israel

Lining up to go for it on fourth down on the road in the Southeastern Conference may be one of the more stressful experiences a quarterback and an offensive lineman can face on the field. A recent trip to Israel, where tensions remain high, helped put things in perspective for South Carolina quarterback Dylan Thompson [...]

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From Columbia you can get to the mountains in 2 hours, the beach in an hour and 45 minutes, Charlotte in a little more than an hour and Atlanta in 3 hours.  

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